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Wow! What a stunning new office – Beautiful! Dr. Sauve and his team work to make it your best experience. So happy with the great service!


Everyone is caring, courteous and skilled. Highly recommend this practice.

Ann Dennison

Don’t mind going to the dentist here!! Dr Sauve is awesome!

Beth Doll

I was recommended Sauve Family Dentistry by an associate. I had my first visit today and was very impressed with Sauve Family Dentistry. They treated me very well and was very impressed with the quality of service they provided. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a dental practice.

Paul Schawalder

I love going to Dr. Sauve’s office, because he and everyone who works there are so kind and professional. I know I’m getting the best care.

Hollace Hill

Great staff. Very friendly and helpful at the front desk. First time I had work done by Dr. Diminick. She and her assistant were great and my entire experience was great. If you are looking for a good family dentist group, this is the one. Dr. Sauve is awesome and the entire staff is talented at what they do.

Todd Rothermel

Great staff and very helpful front desk. They do their work in a timely manner and go out of their way to make sure your oral health is the best it can be.

Diyar Karim

My crown fell out last evening when I was flossing the next morning I called at 9:30 and they were able to get me in at 11 it doesn’t get any better than that, Dr. Sauve was able to reuse the old crown, which I was very happy with that!!!

Martin Kime

I had the pleasure of being examined and worked on by new associate Dr. Svitko. He was excellent. Trained at U. Penn and Temple, he is bright and articulate and good working with his hands- he has this retired physician’s endorsement. And he fully understands the importance of being Covid-vaccinated in this line of work.

Jack Vickery

I hate going to the dentist and can’t stand pain in my teeth. I don’t prefer needles, but I also would rather not feel anything when at the dentist. With all of this said and considering how “high maintenance” I am as a 35 year old man, I’m super pleased with this practice. Just had some fillings replaced and cavities filled from brushing too hard. I can’t be happier with the procedure. The doc and hygienist were patient, and took the time to make it right. On top of that, they spent an hour and a half putting up with my wincing and questions. Super pleased with this practice.

Joshua Mueller

Friendly, efficient, and overall amazing service! My teeth never looked better after my visit.

Hope Blazina

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